Watch Videos Online.Earn Cash. It’s That Simple.

Traditional television is old-school. And with online video streaming becoming the dominant way people consume media, advertisers are also looking for new ways to cash in on this development. Buying ad space on TV is still pricey, so advertisers work with companies such as QuickDollar to provide guaranteed exposure to their ads. Advertisers pay QuickDollar, and when you finish watching a video, QuickDollar pays you!

How This Works

It’s really simple: you watch videos, and for each one you complete, you earn points. Once you’ve reached the minimum amount of cash out required, you can redeem your earnings as cash or gift cards.

That’s the condensed version below are detailed steps on how to earn by watching videos in QuickDollar:

Why Would Anyone Pay Me To Just Watch TV Online?

Large companies, brands, and advertisers want you to view their content. Quick Dollar helps these companies get their content out to consumers that match their audience

  • Videos are matched to your interests.
  • You and the advertisers mutually benefit!
Why Use Quick Dollar for Watching Paid Videos?

Founded in 2015, Quick Dollar has been paying real cash to millions of members for many years. We’ve provided proven results to our advertising partners, which has allowed us to continually be one of the few sites to allow you to sit back and watch online videos from our partners while earning cash at the same time. With more videos available to watch, there’s a higher earning potential for you!